Why Did My AWS Bill Spike?

Strake identifies hidden AWS costs and gives developers the information they need to take action.

Go from reporting a cloud cost problem to fixing it.

Why did my AWS bill spike last month? Cloud reports don’t have the answers. What’s needed is context – the understanding of how changes to cloud infrastructure impact costs. That’s Strake.

Where did they come from?

Easily determine the origin of any given piece of your infrastructure. Strake correlates cost and log data so that engineers can easily prove whether a resource came into existence via automation, or from an individual user... All with one click.

How are they being used?

The elasticity of the cloud makes understanding costs difficult. Bills are made up of fixed metered costs, and variable consumption-based costs. Strake makes it easy to understand if a spike is due to an increase in one or the other, or both.

Why did it change?

Finally, any number of tools can be used to modify your cloud configuration, either on purpose, or by accident. Strake makes it easy to understand what changed, and who was behind it.

Customer Testimonials

"It can be hard to get accurate cost data out of AWS, and while other tools try to simplify, the myriad complexities often leave us with more questions than answers. Strake provides answers to the most difficult and detailed cost questions by ensuring allocations are correct, totals are accurate, and amounts make sense."

Shawn T.

Director of Platform Engineering

“Strake has been a valuable tool in our cloud efficiency efforts. It really helps you drill down and see the changes in resource cost month over month in a simple web interface.”

Matthew I.

"In startup life, managing our spending is very important while experimenting with cloud services. Getting a clear and concise dashboard from Strake to review our monthly costs broken down by service allows us to focus on building our product without overspending."

Saachi R.


“Cloud cost surprises can completely derail our engineering priorities. Being able to connect operational metrics to cost increases allows us to prevent cost incidents and focus on executing our roadmap”

Thomas V.

Site Reliability Engineer

“I’ve been managing cloud environments for 10+ years and have always struggled to effectively communicate about our infrastructure and cost spikes. Strake provides cost and operational context that is a game changer for anyone managing an AWS environment.”

Chris F.

Director of Infrastructure Engineering

"Engineering teams waste valuable time and resources trying to understand what is changing in their AWS environment. Strake solves a critical problem for engineers by highlighting cost changes, what resources caused the change, and breaking down cost by the different AWS billing metrics. This is work that can take an individual engineer days to accomplish."

Sean G.

VP, Cloud Operations & Engineering

"In my experience cloud cost management has always been a pain point for organizations as many hours and resources are sunk into analyzing unexpected spend trends. Strake provides a common understanding and bridge between finance and R&D. Our team can collaborate quickly to form a holistic viewpoint that articulates cost fluctuations and the underlying actions that are attributed to them."

Bethany L.

Strategic Finance