Beyond Billing

Strake gives developers the tools they need to understand the cost impact of operational changes to their AWS environment.

What resources are driving my costs?

Strake automatically identifies which resources are causing your bill to increase. From here, you can easily see which part of your infrastructure is effected, and the details on what is driving the increase.

Where did they come from?

Easily determine the origin of any given piece of your infrastructure. Strake correlates cost and log data so that engineers can easily prove whether a resource came into existence via automation, or from an individual user... All with one click.

How are they being used?

The elasticity of the cloud makes understanding costs difficult. Bills are made up of fixed metered costs, and variable consumption-based costs. Strake makes it easy to understand if a spike is due to an increase in one or the other, or both.

Why did it change?

Finally, any number of tools can be used to modify your cloud configuration, either on purpose, or by accident. Strake makes it easy to understand what changed, and who was behind it.